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Past Exhibition

  • Rosemarie  Gordon

    Rosemarie Gordon

  • Nicole  Laviolette

    Nicole Laviolette


Theresa Bott
Tonya Cook
Chris Cosco
Rosemarie Gordon
Jeanette Luchese Jacobs
Nicole Laviolette
Heather McMeekin
Sara Rose Parry
Lindsay Ramolla
Sarah Slater
Nick Vanin

January 24 - March 15, 2009

Our 2009 exhibition schedule starts with an exciting mixed media show featuring eleven graduating students who are completing their BFA degree at the Thompson Rivers University within the School of Design and Visual Art at Georgian College in Barrie.

The ‘eleventh hour’ refers to the last moment at which problems or solutions might arise. It simultaneously addresses aspects of endings and new beginnings, and can be seen as a metaphor of emergence. Curated by artist and part-time faculty member Tim Laurin, the works selected for this exhibition show the diversity and breadth of creative directions of these emerging artists.

Through the manipulation of mirrors Theresa Bott utilizes the distorted reflection of the viewer as a suggestion that there is something more than their own image.

Memories as collective building blocks that make up our fundamental identity are the focus of Tonya Cook’s art.

Chris Cosco focuses on how entropy and human agency interact with our increasingly complex technologies of seeing and knowing.

Rosemarie Gordon employs play in her process, making intuitive marks that become symbolic representations.

Jeanette Luchese Jacobs delves into the paradox around the perception of identity, authenticity and the real.

Nicole Laviolette
The roles of women and sexuality are explored in Nicole Laviolette’s work, and how these have shifted over time, while the logic of domination remains.

Heather McMeekin is searching for truth within the human condition and the deliverance it may bring.

The absurdity of social norms are central to the work of Sara Rose Parry.

Lindsay Ramolla examines female identity and how media has influenced our perception of beauty.

Sarah Slater depicts the fragility and resilience of nature and the order and chaos in our surroundings.

Also included will be work by Nick Vanin.

Tim Laurin graduated with high honours from Sheridan College School of Design in 1985. Originally working in sculpture and painting, he currently focuses on printmaking, working from his studio in Midland, Ontario. His works can be found in such prestigious collections as the Corning Museum of Glass in New York and the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto.