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Past Exhibition

  • Jimmy  Bender

    Jimmy Bender

Yes I Do

Jimmy Bender

March 26 - May 15, 2011

Photographer Jimmy Bender has a unique, cinematographic eye for capturing moments in time.

In his work as an engagement and wedding photographer, Bender focuses on what might otherwise be overlooked, capturing pictures that tell the story behind the story. These are the little moments that form to create the big day: brides primping and groomsmen “grooming.”
Bender also has a gift for finding beauty in decrepitude: crumbling back alleys and rusty jalopies create bittersweet and nostalgic backdrops for photos of promise and hope.

Creative vision and careful staging blended with a meticulous attention to form and detail, takes Bender’s work out of the realm of memento and places it well within the realm of art.

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Jimmy Bender grew up in Durham on a dairy farm. He earned a double major in Fine Arts and Social Work from the Redeemer University College in Anchester, Ontario. Together with his wife Sonya he runs Green Autumn Photography in Hamilton.