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Silent Auction


November 26 - December 18, 2016

Click here to browse available art works and crafts on display in our Silent Auction. You can call us at 519-369-3692 if you wish to make an Absentee Bid.

Close to 30 artists and 12 businesses are supporting the Gallery's Silent Auction fundraiser. Now we need YOU to participate as an eager and generous bidder. Together we can fuel the Gallery's vision of making art and culture a vital part of rural living.

Contributing Artists: Paul Drysdale, Larry Cluchey, Ruth Swanson, Siegfried Blum, Vince Bowen, Michael Golland, Bonnie Gardiner, Elly MacKay, Lorette Luzajic, Toby Bruce, Ruth Mittelholtz, Chris Dilly, Kim Kool, Grazyna Adamska-Jarecka, Elia Luciani, Cindy Matthews, Ilse Gassinger, Peter Dusek, Marcelina Salazar, Jenny Iserman, Terry Burns, Elsa Mann, Pam Lobb, David Wilde, Valerie Cargo, Judith Pace Ketcheson.

Supporting Businesses: The Colour Jar (Tim and Barb Dyck), Welbeck Sawmill (Bonnie Kraus), The Garafraxa Café (Michele and Kevin Bossi), Eckhardt’s Floral Treasures (Darlene and David Eckhardt), Millennia Books (Alison Greenway-Coates), Eckhardt’s Shell and Lunchroom (Art and Phil Eckhardt), Leslieville Cheese Market (Gary Ikona), Smart Buys (Janis Stokes), At the Movies (Mark Loeffler), Chicory Common & Riverside Diner (David and Lorna Amonite), Great Books & Café (Peter and Tamara Bolton).