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Past Exhibition

  • Julian Grey

    Julian Grey

  • Shira Avni

    Shira Avni

  • David Kurs

    David Kurs

  • Mike and Tim Rauch

    Mike and Tim Rauch


Julian Grey
Shira Avni
Margaret Williams
Philippe Decouflé
David Kurs
Mike and Tim Rauch
Ju Gosling

November 24, 2013

If you have missed the screening of these impressive short films we presented during the Common Pulse Festival, this is a great opportunity to come and explore the inspiring works of Canadian and International artists who address the complex and varied aspects of having bodily experiences which are outside the realm of what is being considered “normal.”

Diverse in tone, content and technique these films are compassionate, raw, gentle, angry, satirical, conceptual, narrative, poetic, enacted with live actors, and/or animated. Watched all together, they are a reminder that any social movement is not to be viewed monolithically, but as a collective of individuals with often radical differences in their experiences, outlooks and creative responses.

Julian Grey FORGETFULNESS 2007, 2 min, ON
Based on Bill Collins’ poem, Forgetfulness this film is a tender and wry look at memory loss, animated with Julian Grey’s spare elegance and wit.

Shira Avni PETRA’S POEM 2012, 4 min, QC
In this beautifully crafted animation by Shira Avni, Petra Tolley, who has Down syndrome, performs a soliloquy that encapsulates her distinctive take on the social self.

Margaret Williams OUTSIDE IN 1994, 14 min, UK
Choreographed by Victoria Marks for the CandoCo, a British company of able bodied and disabled dancers, Outside In is a witty and affectionate exploration of physicality, identity and movement that transforms our understanding of dance.

Philippe Decouflé LE P’TIT BAL 1994, 4 min, F
Le P’tit Bal blends choreography, mime and sign language in poignant accompaniment to a deceptively charming French song about a pair of lovers alone in war’s aftermath, with their way of life gone, dancing a “little lost dance.”

David Kurs DEAF MAN 2007, 10 min, USA
A Deaf man is held against his wishes by an unseen narrator who persuasively invites the audience to question how this man might function. The film is a powerful deconstruction of ignorance and stereotyping.

Mike and Tim Rauch Q&A 2010, 4 min, USA
A one-of-a-kind conversation between Joshua, a boy with Asperger’s syndrome, and his mother. The Rauch Brothers turned their talk into a powerful, touching and tender animated documentary.

Ju Gosling OPENING DOORS 2004, 4 min, UK
Performed by Ju Gosling and Lee Elliott, Opening Doors takes a playful look at building design and the importance of co-operation through the creation of a unique waltz.