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Past Exhibition

  • Ulla  Melchizeder

    Ulla Melchizeder

  • Bill  Thompson

    Bill Thompson

Inscape Painting. Group Show

Treena Carson
Lisa Fothergill
Annamaria Gruda
Helena Hartmann
Sharon Menaul
Ulla Melchizeder
Lynne Reimer
Bill Thompson

January 10 - February 4, 2001

"When we have an experience of pure colour and tone or observe and contemplate the spiritual foundations of a work of art, the effect penetrates right down into our formative life forces. When we work artistically we develop inner flexibility and creativity which helps us in the great act of reshaping ourselves." B. Staley

Annamaria Gruda has been holding painting workshops in her studio for the past year. The works featured in this exhibit were created by her and her students, many of whom have not previously explored their painting abilities. The method Anna uses is derived from her study of Rudolf Steiner's directives toward a process of painting form out of colour. Steiner was an Austrian philosopher and artist who also created the Waldorf school curriculum. He revealed how each colour represents a temperament and an inherent gesture. These attributes can be used to evoke soul moods and reflect psychological processes.

How does one do an Inscape painting?

You do not begin with a preconceived idea of what you are going to paint. The watercolour is applied in a liquid form on very wet paper. The paint flows in a somewhat uncontrollable manner and the painters play and experiment working with the colour tones and responding to the emerging hues.
An experience of the colour's temperament is achieved and at this stage the painting is a notation of the beauty and gesture of pure colour.
Through careful observation and meditation, forms are perceived. This process is similar to finding recognizable shapes in clouds. What the painter perceives often represents a picture of their inner world. Others in the painting group also contribute their observations.
Anna assists in bringing the images forward, sharing her knowledge of painting techniques and anatomy. This method of painting is useful for creative and therapeutic purposes.

This group show features work by Treena Carson, Lisa Fothergill, Annamaria Gruda, Helena Hartman, Sharon Menaul, Ulla Melchizeder, Lynne Reimer and Bill Thompson.
We invite you to come and experience the exploration of colours and pictures from our journey towards self development.

Annamaria Gruda AOCA, Curator