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Past Exhibition

  • Helena  Hartmann

    Helena Hartmann

Emergence of the Self

Helena Hartmann

April 11 - May 20, 2001

The exhibit in Gallery II represents artist Helena Hartmann's journey of self-exploration through artistic activity. Helena began working with Annamaria Gruda in 1999 using the Inscape method of watercolour painting. It was not apparent at the time that a body of work was being created with a distinct message for Helena.

Two themes emerged the Tree of Life and images portraying the Quest for the Holy Grail. Helena describes the Grail legend as "the highest ideal of human evolution, the spiritualization that man acquires through his own efforts."

Helena Hartmann's efforts illustrate that very striving for spiritualization . These images of her personal quest towards wholeness and health penetrate an archetypal place within us all.

Annamaria Gruda AOCA, Curator