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Past Exhibition

  • Doris  Jauk Hinz

    Doris Jauk Hinz

Daily Game

Doris Jauk Hinz

August 29 - September 16, 2001

Daily Game by Doris Jauk Hinz is an installation of photo banners and the creative output of her summer residency at United Media Arts in Durham.
Doris Jauk Hinz is a multimedia artist from Graz, Austria with an artistic background in painting and textile art. In the 90's she turned to video, combining painting and graphic techniques with the aesthetics of electronic images to expand her visual vocabulary. Her multimedia installations raise questions about the construction of gender positions and their social reinforcements.

Daily Game is based on snapshots of women in motion; women on their way to an unknown destination, coming from an unknown territory. Doris Jauk Hinz captured a moment of their physicial presence on streets in Durham, Toronto, Hanover and Owen Sound. The brief encounter between the artist and the passing women is captured and stored by the camera, witnessing the volatility of everyday life dynamics in the public: a daily game.