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Past Exhibition

  • Allison  Moore

    Allison Moore

Recent Paintings

Allison Moore

March 5 - April 15, 2003

The new paintings of Allison Moore address issues concerning the decorative and nostalgic nature of landscape. The decorative, abstracted tree and plant forms gesture and tangle across the painting's surface, punctuated by blobs and stabs of colour.
This stylized landscape (a whimsy of form and suggestive rhythm) lies in contrast to the realistic renderings that constitute the other body of work. These paintings are constructed of images that came accidentally into Moore's possession.

An array of domestic artifacts of the recent past, the personal bric-a-brac of holiday snapshots or souvenirs signifying the nostalgia of time past. Appropriating and juxtaposing these arbitrary images suggests the elusive, romantic nature of time regained. Allison and her daughter Veronica are residents of Glenelg.