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Past Exhibition

  • Vera Mont

    Vera Mont

Box Lunch

Vera Mont

June 4 - July 6, 2003

This exhibition of Vera Mont could be considered a ten-year perspective of previously un-exhibited sculpture. The work is assembled from a diverse selection of materials, touching on many themes; a reflective observation on the analytical concerns of our present cultural preoccupations.

The work ranges from the sexual allusions of He Shall She Shell, an arrangement of constructed shells, to cosmology and the creation myth. The egg, cosmic or otherwise, features prominently as the source of creation and surprise. The sculpture Big Bird stands erect in his multi-coloured feathered finery, surrounded by the archetypal little green men from Mars posing in what could be the classic cliché: ‘take me to your leader.’ Mont’s work is not without humour.

Formerly a ceramist of twenty years, Vera Mont currently lives just outside of Williamsford, where she’s been a resident for the last eight years.