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Past Exhibition

  • Dai  Skuse

    Dai Skuse

FASTWÜRMS: Pussy Necropolis

Dai Skuse
Kim Kozzi

March 31 - May 9, 2004

FASTWÜRMS is the shared authorship of Canadian artists Dai Skuse and Kim Kozzi. Formed in 1979, they mingle media, disciplines and art forms to question nature, the environment and issues of power. FASTWÜRMS has exhibited and created public commissions and installations, performances, video and film projects across Canada, the United States, Europe, and Japan. In 1997 they completed a major installation of multiple sculptures - Turtle Pond, Snomun, and Woodpecker Column - at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. In 2000 they completed and permanently installed Ex Ovo Omnia at the Macdonald Stewart Art Center in Guelph.

Pussy Necropolis is a selection of banner paintings and installation works from The Pollinators (Montreal 2002), Ms Rockhound (Kingston 2001), and BLOOD & SWASH (Brooklyn 2003).

Pussy Necropolis, the DVD projection work, is a remix of a works created for The Box (Toronto 2004), The Michael Jackson Project (Toronto 2003), and for the IMAGES Festival @ Paul Petro Gallery (Toronto 2003).