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Past Exhibition

  • Anna Maria  Gruda

    Anna Maria Gruda

Preserving Ancient Mysteries

Anna Maria Gruda

August 12 - September 19, 2004

For a number of years I have been researching the meaning and ways of the Freemasons. Being a woman I am excluded from participating in any activity associated with this international network of men who are able to access ancient initiation traditions. To express my inner need for a rite of passage, TempleI recreated a model of the Temple of Solomon built out of Mason jars. The structure itself serves as a visual pun as the jars will be filled with texts from all major religions. Wall mounted jars will be filled with Kleenex representing the Wailing Wall. The Dead Sea scrolls were found in sealed jars.

The reconstruction of the Temple of King Solomon is an image that has great cultural significance. For some it is a sign of a new era of religious dominance, for others it is a signal for the beginning of the end. It is one of the mandates of the Freemasons to realise this event.