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Past Exhibition

  • Martin  Breindl

    Martin Breindl

Alien City

Martin Breindl
Norbert Math
Andrea Sodomka

September 19 - 30, 2005

A video installation by Alien Productions (Martin Breindl/Norbert Math/Andrea Sodomka).

Alien City is an entirely virtual city in cyberspace, its acoustic and visual appearance composed of elements taken from different cities all over the world. The city is in a hybrid state of constant change, of in-betweens: its shape is in a permanent process of morphing between those elements. Alien City could be all the cities in the world or none; it could have existed for centuries or be just beginning.

From time to time - like now in Durham - Alien City materializes in real locations, giving up its pure, virtual character. In return, the very local atmospheres influence the virtual city causing it to undergo substantial new reality shifts. It incorporates pieces of the found realities and weaves them into its former state. Something new emerges - the city is on the move.

Alien Productions members Martin Breindl and Norbert Matt are ending their residency at UMAS in Durham with a presentation and talk at the Gallery on Wednesday, September 28, 8pm. We all enjoyed their performance at the Symphony Barn. Let's see what else they have cooked up over the past years.