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  • Franklin Hammond

    Franklin Hammond

  •  Spruce Ridge Community School

    Spruce Ridge Community School

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    Garden Tour

Be My Guest

Franklin Hammond
Spruce Ridge Community School
Garden Tour

July 1 - 16, 2006

25th Aniversary Celebration Exhibitions
Be My Guest

In celebration of our 25th anniversary, the Riversong Gallery in Neustadt and the Left Side Gallery in Flesherton will bring their resident artists to Durham. Gary McLaughlin (Riversong) and Jennifer Stenberg (Left Side) selected a total of nineteen artists to display their work at the Gallery, including Michael Warren Darley, Steve Eby, Franklin Hammond, Paul Drysdale, Debbie Schenk, Jennifer Stenberg, George Maes, Chad Clarke, Joan Dixon (from Left Side Gallery), Anna Green, Chris Sparling, Rick Zettler, Terry Shabot, Gary McLaughlin, Radek, Judy Stewart, Bill Brehm, Jack Paton and Ken Dunn (from Riversong Gallery).

The Left Side Gallery is an impressive high-ceiling open showroom (1200 sq. ft.) located on the main floor of the old Richardson Building (circa 1860) on the northwest corner of Hwy. 4 & 10 in Flesherton. The Left Side opened in March, 2003 and is co-owned and operated by artists Jennifer Stenberg and Franklin Hammond. Because there are so many outstanding artists living in Flesherton and area, it.s a natural location for a gallery for visitors to the Beaver Valley, residents and travellers from the south and the north. On the first Saturday of every month (except January) there is an opening for two or three new artists. Hours: Friday & Saturday from 10 - 5, Sunday from 11 - 4. Contact: 519-924-1400 or e-mail leftsidegallery@bmts.com.

The Riversong Gallery has now been open for the past three years. Situated at 536 Mill Street in Neustadt, it showcases original art from the Riversong Group. It also showcases the works of other artists on the Guest Wall. It runs like a co-op with the artist having their own wall space and also houses the studios of illustrator Gary McLaughlin and cook book author Pat Crocker. Information about the Riversong Group and on upcoming shows can be found on the gallery.s website: www.riversonggallery.ca. Hours: Thursday 12 - 5, Friday - Saturday 12 - 9pm, Sunday 12 - 5 and by chance. Contact: 519-799-5498 or e-mail gallery@riversonggallery.ca.

Student Art Works: Mentorship Project

The first out-door exhibition of local students' works in mixed media, photography and sculpture, created under the mentorship of local artists.
Edge Hill School

Cleo Markowitz-Dyer
Kaila Radan
Emma Fuller
Myelle Schwarz-Fredrickson
Miralia Bodner

Mentor: Norman White, Durham

Spruce Ridge Community School

For the Love of Art
Abi MacEwan – Design
Megan Webb
Vanessa Lightle
Sheldon Fox
Katie Mountain
MacKenzie Krotz
Katelyn Brown
Nicole Osborne
Serena Emsley
Shane Ellis
Ashley Anderson
Kristina Graham
Lindsay Nelson

The Saugeen River
Seth Barrette – Design
Cody Nuhn
Stephen Roberts
Brandon Hodder
Nick Kouyoujian
Becky Moore
Nicholas Spiesz
Sydney Wheeler
Kirsten Anderson
Brandon Jaekel
Dylan Pust
Travis Hooper

Mentor: Erin Davidson, Hanover

St Peter and St Paul's School

William Poppleton
Natasha Amond
Jacob Smith
Amanda Cyr
Chantal Moniz
Lucretia Peart

Mentor: Michael Tweed, Durham

Spruce Ridge Community School

Amanda P

Mentors: Anna Green and Ken Dunn, Traverston

Garden Tour

Together with the Durham Horticultural Society we are presenting gardens in the Durham area, featuring works by local artists. The tour is open July 8 and 9; tickets and maps are available at the Gallery.

Participating artists include:
Elsa Mann, Paul Kaye, Jane Longstaffe, Don Holman, Daniel Beirne, Judy Lowry, Anthony Moore, Debbie Schenk, Mark Lewis, Tanya Zaryski, Paul Drysdale, Tim Maycock, Mary Tripp McCarl, Christin Dennis

Featured gardens include:
Ron and Jean Morris
Keith and Melanie Grein
Dan and Debbie Campbell
Dan Pope
Dick and Gale O'Brien
Ray and Evelyn Collins
Georg and Karen Maier
Ray and Maureen Patterson
Mary Tripp McCarl
Marilyn & Butch Campbell

Television Commercials

Three television commercials made by local artists Iriz Paabo, Myke Dyer and Liz Zetlin together with Geoffrey Shea will be broadcast on Persona Cable Channel 6. These will also be on display in the Gallery during the special events on July 8 and 9.