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Past Exhibition

  • Dyan  Jones

    Dyan Jones

  • Katherine  Knight

    Katherine Knight

  • Otis  Tamasauskas

    Otis Tamasauskas

  • Mary  Wrinch

    Mary Wrinch

Rites of Passage

Peter Beckett
Andrea Bird
Arthur Bonnett
John Bruce
Larry Cluchey
Alice Crawley
Jacqueline Damato
Jane Garland
Anna Gruda
Dyan Jones
Harold Klunder
Katherine Knight
Jim Hong Louie
Robert Markle
Iriz Pääbo
Susan Rankin
William Roberts
Kris Rosar
Geoffrey Shea
Otis Tamasauskas
Norman White
David Wilde
Kate Wilson
Mary Wrinch
Liz Zetlin

November 15, 2006 - January 14, 2007

Over the past summer the Durham Art Gallery held several 25th anniversary events including the Garden Tour show, the Be My Guest show and a remarkable outdoor exhibition featuring works by local students. Under the guidance of Georg Maier numerous volunteers transformed the gallery grounds into an attractive landscaped area ready for more exciting outdoor exhibitions to come. Don Holman and Jane Longstaffe created benches for the new garden. Myke Dyer, Iriz Pääbo, Geoffrey Shea and Liz Zetlin produced short videos on the anniversary occasion following the theme ‘Art is...”

The Durham Art Gallery’s final 25th anniversary show Rites of Passage provides an ideal opportunity to reflect on the Gallery’s rich history, achievements, and numerous contributions to the cultural life of West Grey and beyond. History reads in both directions, forward and backwards, so we can use it to plan our future and to reminisce and integrate our past experiences. Would the founders of the gallery see their vision fulfilled in the gallery’s present?

For close to three decades the Durham Art Gallery has brought innovative, original and challenging art to the region. Over the years the gallery expanded the space and the scope of art shown and has continued to evolve in response to the changes in the art world and its audience while maintaining a style and creativity of it’s own that highlights the diversity inherent in contemporary art practice.

Twenty-five years is a milestone more than anything else. It's an opportunity to see how so many of the artists and persons with whom the gallery has worked have become successful and important. Rites of Passage will feature 25 local, regional, national, and internationally recognized artists who have exhibited at the gallery since its inception in 1979. Several of these artists have created new work for this special occasion, others haven chosen works that reflect the theme of the show. Through this range of work, Rites of Passage will take you on a journey on which the past is a place to explore and the future a promising yet challenging adventure.

The show attests to the gallery’s transformation and change over the years and to the vitality of our diverse artistic community. A committee comprised of former and current gallery curators and programmers Sarah Brown, Georg Maier, Marlene Markle, Tony Massett and Ilse Gassinger made the selection.

Celebrate with us, the artists and the people whose innovation and originality have become the Durham Art Gallery tradition, and let’s commemorate all the people in our community who helped to keep the spirit alive.

A live auction of art works by Adriene Veninger, Ron Shuebrook, John Noestheden and Ilse Gassinger will spice up this milestone event. Dinah Christie and John Bell will lead the auction. Food, drink and music by Gigi Minor will turn this opening gala on Saturday, November 18 into a fabulous evening. Join in!